Crafting a 3D world to bring the love story of a Gingerbread man to life.

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A thoroughly enjoyable project to work on; a gingerbread love story at Christmas was a joy to create.

We were brought in to help Fox Agency with the animation part of the communications work they do for a global manufacturing company. They had a story that they wanted to send out as a Christmas message. We worked closely with them to create the world that this lived within, working on storyboards, character designs, sound and music.

It was great to see the team at Mighty Giant take our ideas and turn them into reality – it’s often difficult to describe exactly what you’re after on a project like this, but they interpreted our needs in terms of pacing and emotional impact perfectly. We were also blown away by the quality of the renders – the texture on the gingerbread people was something we saw early in the process, and it set up us to expect great things as we moved further through. Their organisation and timeliness allowed us to review and feedback quickly, which took a lot of the potential pressure off the deadline. The outcome is our favourite video project to date, and our client loved it equally.

Hatty Settle, Account Manager at Fox Agency

Fox had devised a simple storyboard for how the narrative would run. Our first job was to develop this storyboard but also to design the characters and the world which this would take place. The images above show the development of the character + the initial colour designs we used to help the 3D team look at texturing and lighting.

Then came the 3D part. Researching how to build a 3D character, and what kind of gingerbread texture to use. By a bizarre coincidence James, our head 3D animator, had a gingerbread baker in the family so we had plenty of batches of real gingerbread to work with. The final character, although entirely built in 3D software, is textured using high res photography from a sheet of real gingerbread.

Alongside the 3D builds our animator Dan was putting together a hand drawn animatic to help get agreement on the pacing and the story. This was also the first time we could send visuals to the guys at Composerworks who scored the music and to Ideosound for the sound design, all crucial parts to bringing the final piece together.