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Being more giant is about creating ‘giant’ work. Work that packs a punch visually and commercially. Crafting films that can’t help but be noticed.

We do this through being creatively versatile in our style. We explore new and innovative ways of delivering creative solutions to each brief, that we then craft to add that extra layer of quality and care.

We like to have fun along the way and partner with agencies, brands, and businesses that have a story to tell.

Our Values

Kind & Respectful

We all love working with the nice guys. We prefer to have open, engaging conversations.


We endeavour to be transparent in all we do so the only surprises are the right kind. We have your back throughout and are a safe pair of hands as we guide you through any project.

Craft takes Graft

Quality over quantity. We strive to produce the best work we can every single time. We have super high standards when it comes to execution because we know the detail is crucial and care about getting it just right.


We are always experimenting with new and different styles and techniques to hone our craft, stay fresh and keep learning.

Our Services


We have 2D, stop motion, illustration and hand drawn animation in our studio and are equally comfortable working with agencies, and businesses.

We’re often given a storyboard to work from. Or asked to start by drawing one from your script. We’re also happy to come up with the look and feel, or match a visual look that is important to the brand.

Motion Design

Sometimes referred to as “Motion Graphics”, the bit where graphic design and movement come together. We also love to get involved in 3D modelling and animation.

We take the project all the way through, including sound design, music, voice + delivery, either to you, or to it’s channel of broadcast.

…and that’s it. We’re only interested in delivering great moving content. Animation & Motion Design is all we do, and it’s what we love to do.

Our Awards

We’ve won some, we’ve lost some. More important to us is the feedback we’ve received from our clients.

Mark Pomfret
Mark Pomfret | The & Partnership

MightyGiant developed a series of high quality CGI films for me. The team were very helpful at every stage of the process, were able to quickly flex to my changing requirements, and delivered excellent value for money. I highly recommend them!”

Laura Caveney-Morgan
Exec Editor Multi-Story Media

The design brief was to create a new look for the series that feels fresh and yet familiar to our audience and we are thrilled with the vision that MightyGiant have created.”

Khadija Kapacee

MightyGiant added a new dimension to the project and captured the energetic and immersive nature of the campaign. They executed a challenging brief quickly and seamlessly and their hands-on team were a dream to work with! A true collaborative effort.”

Andrew Barlow

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Mighty Giant on the first project and were VERY happy with the quality of what the team delivered. This has led to our second project and hopefully many more!”