Fast, bright and full of fun. A product launch for a new social platform.

_Design, Production & Sound.


During the spring of 2022 we were approached by Chatloop to help them with the launch of a brand new social platform. You don’t often get approached by a tech-startup in your own city, so we were excited to win this pitch. The Chatloop App has a bold aim, which is to “Make the web social”. An Ad free platform that allows users to share content, and to make every website you visit a place where you can start conversations. We were definitely intrigued.

We needed to see what the app does, but we didn’t want this to be a walkthrough, or a how to guide. We worked closely with the Chatloop team to build a film that has some UI, mixed with bright graphical content, and real life situations where you would use Chatloop.

With this being a startup we were in early, so things were developing as we went. It also meant we could help the team with how the Chatloop icon would move within the App design.The final animation would need to work in the app and therefore needed to be exported as a Lottie file, a specific type of animation file that works well in browsers. This meant we needed to keep the animation simple to avoid anything too heavy having to load in the app.

The early tests above show how we developed this movement. It was also needed to share with the sound designer Dom Storrs, as he was working alongside us on the sonic branding that will appear in the app. The sound was a huge part of this, with a sonic logo being a big part of the job. You can hear the sound within the music, and most noticeably during the opening of the film.

Another part of the design was looking at how the text with in the logo would animate. Here’s some examples of how we looked at the way it revealed, and the pace of the movement.

If you want to get involved, then sign up and register here for when the App launches later this year