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ITV Tonight

Creating a new look for ITV's flagship current affairs show. After 14 years, we were briefed to freshen up the look.

Multi-Story Media
3D Animation

A joy to work on, and a job where we worked on the entire process, from pitch through to delivery.

Our initial concept came from the programme “Tonight” being at the centre of the story. As a current affairs programme, the journalism and story gathering is key. Our design has rings emitting from a central point. These combine with footage and snippets of stories the programme has covered, with each emission triggering other ripples and movements. You view a little behind the scenes on how this came together below.


Laura Caveney-Morgan
Exec Editor Multi-Story Media

The design brief was to create a new look for the series that feels fresh and yet familiar to our audience and we are thrilled with the vision that MightyGiant have created.”

A bit part of the re-design was the change of colour. The palette had been a broadly blue/green for a long time, and we wanted to deliver something fresh. During this design process we looked at the time the programme was broadcast and developed a palette that conveyed a feeling of early evening dusk.

This palette and new designs was rolled out not only onscreen with the titles, but as a kit of parts for mobile and social channels.