Super fast broadband for Talk Talk, through animating light beams and 3D worlds.

_3D Design, Animation & Production


Broadband provider Talk Talk needed a campaign to help explain their new Future Broadband product. The new broadband speeds are achieved by delivering broadband through light beams, and it was this vision that The & Partnership asked us to bring to life.

A suite of films was needed, meaning we had to bulk out the team during the Spring of 2021. With over a dozen rooms to model and animate, with light beams firing through them all, and a small city and street scene too….it wasn’t going to be a small project. To find out how we did them, read on. To see all the films, hop over to the Talk Talk website.

Mighty Giant developed a series of high quality CGI films for me. The team were very helpful at every stage of the process, were able to quickly flex to my changing requirements, and delivered excellent value for money. I highly recommend them!

Mark Pomfret | Operations Director | The & Partnership

Look & Feel

The initial part of this job was transferring the vision that The & Partnership had developed, into 3D design and animation. Our Lead 3D Artist James worked closely with the creative team, working on different materials and alternate lighting set ups. It’s a subtle balancing act at this stage. Even changing the surface of an object can throw the look. Changing one object to be more reflective can look very different under one lighting set up than another. Where the windows were placed, and how this would impact the look, was another thing to factor into the design.

The light beam

As important as the look, was how the light beam would work within these scenes. The light beam is effectively the hero in these films, being the new technological advance in how broadband is delivered. Our Lead Designer worked on a wide range of different light beams to ensure it had the right level of glow, speed, colour, and character. There’s an awful lot of thought goes into how the pulse reacts with the devices, and how this light sits in the scene.

The Worlds

Once we had the look finalised, and agreement on the light beam, it was over to the 3D team to build the worlds. Both exterior and interior. A team of 3 x 3D designers set about designing and animating these, working carefully to choreograph how we moved through the worlds so each action matched up to the scripts. You can see all the films on the Talk Talk site, and a couple of our favourites below.


What does a light beam sound like? A tricky one, but that’s why we bring in our regular collaborator Ideosound to work his magic, and mix this with the voice, sound, and a layer of sound effects.