A chain of events take place when you press the Mighty Giant button.

_Design & 3D Animation


We turned 10 years old in 2020. We wanted to make a film about ourselves, something that explains what we do, that we were going to unleash it at a big swanky party (you were invited!) where we’d all applaud and go “ooooh” with glasses of bubbly.

The downside of lockdown was we didn’t get the party. The upside was we had more time to craft this piece. It tells the story of how we work at Mighty Giant; work is commissioned, then our imagination is fired up. The storyboarding phase moves on into the development phase, then the sound is added before it’s delivered back to the client.

We wanted to use this as a brief to flex our 3D muscles and show how we’ve developed our skills and rendering over the past couple of years. It was also a chance for us to create something as a team, without a clients involvement. As anyone who works on their own projects knows, it’s often the hardest brief you can get.