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There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that you might not know about when delivering a TVC.

You’ve got a product. It’s brilliant. Or maybe a service. Or an attraction. A type of Cheese. A University. A Zoo. Now all you need is a commercial to showcase your product/service/item/attraction to the world (or selected areas of the UK) and show people how great it is.

You’ve got the idea, now you need someone to make it happen, to storyboard it, to film it, animate it. Maybe you’ve got a whole campaign and you want your product to be showcased on screens around the city, on television, in cinemas and more!

Getting your commercial out there can be quite the task: you need to work out your budget, where you think it will be most effective, who you want to target etc. And then once it’s made, you need to make sure it gets to all of your chosen destinations, in the right format with the correct audio mix. You need to make sure that your ad is accurate and doesn’t contain anything illegal or harmful for your audience. You also need to make sure it’s the right specification or file type for wherever it needs to be used, which can get quite confusing if it’s being shown here there and everywhere.

You can see from our portfolio that we can bring your ideas to life for you and we can help you take your ad from concept to delivery. But there’s a lot happening behind the scenes at Mighty Giant that you might not know about, things that might just make getting your ad out there a lot easier.

You need to ensure your ad is safe and legal for broadcast. This means you have to check your content, visual script, rough cut and final edits are all above board, and everything you’re saying to your audience is accurate and can be backed up with evidence. We can take this lengthy process off your hands, and deal with all of the inevitable back and forth that goes along with it.

You need to get your commercial to the channels that you’ve booked your advertising space with. At this stage it needs to be ready to air, meaning it needs to have passed all the technical checks. We can ensure that your ad is broadcast safe, and sent to the correct channels on time.

Copy Instructions
Running 2 ads at the same time? Running your ad across different channels? Are you booked onto BVOD or Standard broadcast? As well as delivering the copy to the channels, we can also supply them with the copy instructions to ensure that the correct ad is aired on time on the right channels, in accordance with your media plan.

Fancy bringing your campaign to the big screen? Look no further! We can help you ensure that your visuals and your audio are upgraded to ensure that they look and sound sensational in cinema. We can also handle the clearance procedures for this type of delivery, as there is a slightly different process compared to broadcast.

There are so many different types of ad that we can help you with, YouTube Pre-Roll, Digital 6 Sheets, YouTube Banners, Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, the list goes on. The odds are we’ve done it before, but if you’re unsure, just ask! If it’s something brand new for us, we make it our job to find out the correct procedures to ensure your ad is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

If you have any questions, or want to discuss your campaign in more detail, please contact or