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Designing and animating the character Sven the Stork for parcel comparison website Parcel2Go,

The If Agency
Design, 3D Animation.

The If Agency in Manchester needed some help bringing Sven to life. We worked with them on the design, and animation. As well as delivering a character kit for print and web assets.

Our friends at If approached us in the summer to help them with a new campaign for their client, Parcel2Go. Our role: producing a series of short films for social media and online campaign featuring an original brand mascot.

The client had a full character brief ready, but the visuals of the character design needed to be developed and fleshed out to bring him in line with their actual vision.

Due to the short timeframe with which to get the character designed, modelled, rigged and animated – it was imperative that we got the character design signed off as soon as possible. In order to ease the process, instead of providing various character designs for the client to pore over, we provided a series of designs where only one, individual elements changed (a beak, his glasses, eyes etc…)

This allowed the client to focus in on each element with minimal distraction and almost build the character up from an identi-kit of parts.

With the character of Sven design, signed-off we were then tasked with modelling and rigging him. To allow the character to work across animation and print we produced different versions for different outputs. In order to keep a consistent look between the client’s work and ours, we decided to render the whole project inside Blender. While we’re unlikely to abandon our standard workflow of Cinema 4D / Redshift any time soon, it’s impressive to see how quickly Blender is growing into a serious tool within the industry.

The only thing left to do was for our team of character animators to work their magic and make Sven come alive.