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A time to look back at 2018, and also to look forward to what’s brewing for 2019.

It’s been a bouncy old year around the globe, the ongoing Brexit shambles, Donald being Donald,  so I’m going to keep this simple and discuss what 2018 has been like for Mighty Giant starting off with….my 2018 Highlights.

Meetings with Karen, Khadija and Ade next to the Giraffe enclosure at Chester Zoo.
Winning a Roses award for our Downing Street Fighter.
Working and collaborating with paper artist Helen Musslewhite.
Immersing ourselves in the world of Youtubers with Max and Harvey.
Riding waves on the ABP pilot vessels around Southampton.
Growing: Marisol became our new junior designer and Grace joined as our Production Co-ordinator.

I was also fortunate to be involved with the Amplify programme, a business growth course with a bunch of other lovely companies. This included a study trip to Copenhagen, giving me a chance to see how amazing studios like UsTwo and Spring Summer work, but also a chance to share insight (and the odd drink) with other businesses from across the region.

Looking forward to 2019.

As the demand for content increases so will our ability to react and adapt to the ever changing digital world. We’ve had interesting discussions towards the back end of 2018 about combining our motion skills within UX and this is a world we’re looking forward to exploring as we move into January. AR seems to be here to stay and is an area that Motion Design can’t afford to ignore.

Thanks to all we’ve worked with in 2018, to all we’ve met, and we’re already looking forward to working with many of you in 2019! Happy Christmas.