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A set of hand drawn titles for the adaptation of the Jacqueline Wilson book Katy.

Cell animation is a traditional form of animation, drawing frame by frame. No cheating here, it’s just a case of sketching a frame, moving forward a frame and repeat.

The challenge here also was to do this in someone else’s style! The drama Katy was based around, you guessed it, a girl called Katy, but the brief we had was to make these titles look like they were produced by a 12 year old girl. The development of this was actually a lot harder than you’d imagine.

Plenty of rough drafts were rejected because they looked too slick, or didn’t capture the right atmosphere. We even got family members to produce reference sketches to keep it authentic. Once the look was completed it was a case of sketching these out over a light box frame by frame. The end result definitely felt hand crafted.

Each episode starts with the title animating over the footage. The example above is taken from Episode 1.