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Producing a range of LEGO Education sets for the pre-school age group

Towards the end of 2016 we started working with True North on a big stop motion project for LEGO Education.

They asked us to come on board to help them out with all the motion aspects of a project they were working on; a range of LEGO Education sets for the pre-school age group. The creative centred on ‘building character’ and had a playful side to it. Our involvement came with the content and product explainers.

We filmed and produced a short brand film to introduce the Preschool range of products. This was shot on location in a village hall in Cheshire which we dressed to look like a generic nursery school. Following this we produced a series of 10 stop frame animations explaining how the various products help develop pre-schoolers. Over 3 days we filmed these in a studio close to our Northern Quarter office. Stop frame with 4 and 5 year olds was definitely an experience

We worked closely with True North and LEGO Education, delivering in total around 10 minutes of video content.