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All the different styles of animation, 2D, 3D, Cell, Stop Motion, combined into one piece.

It’s not often that the studio gets to work collectively together on one project at a time. We recently set ourselves the brief of working out how to explain all the different styles of work we do. The initial idea came from seeing how we could combine different animation styles into one piece. And how we could do that with our skilled team of Animators, Illustrators and Designers.

We were able to build an idea from the ground up, working together to figure out what the narrative would be. Each team member would be able to add their creative input into different sections of the short film. We decided to use a simple shape that’s often used as the basis of design. To show how we can make an exciting and interesting piece out of an ordinary object.

The premise of this project was to give us freedom to create what we wanted and decide how it could look, whilst having a narrative helped to create some form of structure to work from without us getting too lost in the possibilities. It was my first time leading on a professional project so it didn’t come without its trepidations. However, it was great to be supported by the team and have advice/help on directions to get us from start to finish with this project.

This piece now sits on our homepage. If you want to hear it with sound, please click play on the image above.