A dynamic refresh for this CBBC magazine show where we built a robotic transformer bus.

_Concept & 3D Animation


The more we considered the brief, the more the bus had to become the central part of our design.

Once we went down the robotic “transformer” route we realised how much potential we had for not only the titles but all the programme graphics. Key to this job was developing a kit of parts that the production could utilise when building the show. Developing the robotics meant designing robotic arms, screens, then getting it all rigged and working in 3D. After this we had to build a series of camera moves that would bring dynamism to the graphics.

Jonny and the team have done a great job in coming up with a fresh, totally modern and relevant look for Whoops I Missed The Bus. I am so pleased with the graphics they delivered, and I’m looking forward to working with them further in 2016 to create some eye-catching graphics for our CBBC Special

Sophie McCoy | Series Producer