A film for Save The Children and the pressure group Conservative Home that was played as part of the debate around overseas aid.

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In a tough economic climate, the Aid Budget came under attack. Conservative Home and Save The Children wanted to produce a film to support the argument to save the Aid Budget.

The film was screened at a series of events at The Conservative Party Conference 2012.

Too often, political films are frankly boring. Talking heads of important politicians, reading scripted pieces and sounding insincere and patronising.Given remarkable access to the very top of the Conservative Party, we had one chance to make an engaging film that accurately put across a very important message.We also had to protect the political impartiality of Save The Children.

The film we made with Mighty Giant for the Conservative Party Conference managed to tilt the debate on aid in the conservative party at an absolutely crucial moment.... probably one of the most important interventions in the aid debate in the conservative party since the commitment was first made

Adam Robertson | Head of FIlm

Save The Children asked the interviewees to explain why they were personally committed to saving the Aid budget, and to answer the questions in their own words. This ensured there were no party political messages, just honest answers to a straightforward question. Even the politicians found that refreshing.

With only limited access to the interviewees we had to come up with a time efficient interview style. But we wanted to create a more visually interesting piece than the standard ‘talking heads’ interview.So we adopted a ‘doodle art’ visual style. By filming all of the interviews on green screen we were able to illustrate their interviews, adding depth and visual interest, picking out key elements of their answers to literally illustrate the point.