Dance and education combine with animation in a series of 60 short films.

_Post Production and Animation


These short films were designed to help get children moving whilst learning. BBC Education brought Mighty Giant in to handle the post production. The dancers were shot against green screen and they wanted them to appear in bright and engaging animated worlds; something that would appeal to the early school age group.

The initiative was a partnership with the Premier League so we built a series of animating backings using Premier League colours. Then it was a case of adding these to the studio shot footage. We had 60 films of around 3 minutes to produce, so no small task. This required a pipeline of keying in Davinci Resolve, a background edit in Premiere then handing over to the animators to add in the text and ‘swooshes’ in After Effects.

All in all a lovely project to be involved with, especially when you see clips of classrooms dancing along to the films.