We were briefed to come up with something superslick and energetic….we built and brought to life a dancing robot in these titles.

_3D Animation & Brand Design


The key was to maintain the energy and ‘street’ vibe that had made the show so successful but also to add some polish.

We were also advised that they would like some of the ‘Saturday night’ magic as the studio and overall look they wanted was ‘shiny floor’ with neon strip lighting.

To keep things different and to avoid filming dancers we explored new routes. We needed to see a dancer’s moves, but wanted it to be suggested with less focus on the personality of the dancer; we wanted the attention on the dance moves themselves. This is where we came up with the dancing robotic figure.

Thanks to you first of all for your vision - the new graphics are both glossy and edgy, and they've helped us put a brand new stamp on this returning series. Everyone from Helen Bullough to Alesha loves the new look.

Catherine Patterson | Series Producer

To animate the dance moves in 3D would be tricky to say the least. Keeping them totally realistic was possible but a key factor was allowing the BBC to have editorial control over what the moves would be. We couldn’t just choreograph our own sequence as we aren’t choreographers, but also we may stray from the dance moves from the show.

Motion Capture, or Mo-Cap was the route we chose. We hired a streetdancer then shot him using this mo-cap ensuring the moves would be true and lifelike. This gave us the data we needed to go into 3D confident that we had dances that would be true to the show. It’s all best explained in the little film we made below.