Combining 2D & 3D Animation for an end of year seasonal mailer.

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Back with the sequel, well, a sequel of sorts. Another Christmas tale brought to life for the people at Fox Agency in Leeds.

Having worked together on the Gingerbread man love story last year for their client, Fox approached us to work with them on a new creative. They had a physical Christmas card designed, what they needed was a way to bring this to life and turn it from a static piece of work into a fully animated piece. The final part of the puzzle was the final film needed to be personalised for every recipient.

The story was simple, but very poignant for 2020; a block of flats, a different character or family in each window. The community pull together to reveal a banner with a festive message upon it.


From the very beginning everyone was completely on-board with our vision and our concept for the animation. The team developed the concept and added ideas and suggestions throughout, keeping us updated when needed and delivering on tight timescales. The level of craft and creativity was fantastic and really did allow us to deliver a final piece which we, and the client, were thrilled with. A great experience throughout - cheers

Jason Mortimer | Art Director @ Fox Agency

Fox had devised a simple storyboard for how the narrative would run, our first job was to develop this storyboard and add more to the 2D designs. It needed some added depth, but we didn’t want to take it too far away from the original illustrations. We worked closely with Fox to ensure we developed the look whilst keeping it faithful to the cards. The key point was to keep them feeling connected.

Working from their original storyboard we added in scenes and created a short narrative between the windows. In the initial development we had approached Fox with a look that combined the 2D characters with a 3D world. The card was very flat and illustrative, however building the world in 3D gave us more scope for camera moves and also added an extra layer of depth to the film.


Once the final film was finished it was off to the clever bods at Videosmart to implement the personalisation. Every film would finish with the recipients name upon the banner. Then, as with last years, over to Nick at Ideosound for the sound design, the crucial final touches that bring it all to life.