A logo that worked equally across print, web and broadcast for this series of Educational events for schools and online.

_Logo Design & 3D Animation


We were tasked with adding some pace and energy to the opening of this BBC Education programme and to make it feel more like a TV show than a lesson.

We also had to come up with something that would work equally for music as it would technology or archeology and for a logo that would sit alongside the rest of the BBC Learning family

The series of Live Lessons covered a broad curriculum and the look we designed had to adapt. With such a broad set of subjects to cover it was the logo we designed that became the ‘hero’ of the graphics.

Live Lessons is a new initiative for schools across the UK to access learning online in a unique and innovative way. Because the subject matter of the lessons is so disparate a strong brand was needed to create an exciting identity. So first port of call was Mighty Giant, they always find a creative solution to every problem and consistently deliver great work.

Andrew Nicholson | Exec Producer