Describe what you do as a company in 90 seconds. Internal projects always become the most complex briefs.

_Concept, 3D Animation, Post Production


An animated video showing the journey of an idea. We made this film to explain how tricky it can be to get thoughts across, and how we think we have the answer.

One thing we like to think we are pretty experienced in here is telling stories. Motion graphics and animation are a pretty good medium for explaining ideas and visualising what would otherwise be impossible. We set ourselves the challenge of explaining that in a short film.

The initial planning stages of this took time and more than a few meetings. This allowed us to drill down and establish what it was we are all about, and what it is that Mighty Giant really does. From here we set about creating the narrative and the script to go with it utilising copywriters and scriptwriters to ensure the story connected and of crucially made sense.

We wanted to use as many of the tools in our box that we could, hence why the film combines 3D, filmed footage and animation. However we didn’t want it to look disjointed which is why we had to set a style and storyboard. We created a palette and moodboards to help us set the tone of the piece. Even though it was our own project we wanted to maintain the same disciplines we would with client work as it is a process that we know works so well.

We were fortunate with this piece that we had a track specially composed to the visuals so all the key points are picked out. Sound effects were then mixed, and a professional voiceover recorded. Very well deserved credits for those who have helped us on this project:

Music: Composerworks
Voiceover: Shaun Keaveny
Sound Effects & Mix: