A project where we delved deep to find the story, and developed a short 3D animation to explain this product.

_Concept, 3D Animation, Post Production


This is a world we knew very little about, but one we loved finding out about. NCC Group wanted a short film to explain their Full Spectrum Attack Simulation, which essentially is where they attack a companies cyber security to expose its weaknesses.

We needed something that appealed at Director level, was accessible to a wider audience, and also would explain the product without being alarming. We spent a long time in the discovery phase with the team at NCC to fully understand what the offered, who to, and why, to ensure we got the tone of voice right. From this we developed storyboards and scripts, then into full 3D animation.

James our 3D animator created a small world within which we could tell the story of a company coming under attack. It was important we also explained the different divisions and services.

Sound design was handled by Nick at Ideosound.


Creative, professional and meticulous. The team did a fantastic job of interpreting the brief into exactly what we wanted, but bringing their own creative ideas to the table in order to tell a great story and bring it to life. The process was tight and professional and each stage went smoothly throughout. I would highly recommend Mighty Giant for your next video project, the team were a real pleasure to work with.

Kate Clarke | Content Marketing Manager