A showcase film for the future of flying.

_3D Design, Animation & Production


Led by the ATI (Aerospace Technology Institute) and backed by the UK Government, FlyZero is setting out to realise zero-carbon emission air travel by the end of the decade. A team of experts from across the UK is conducting a detailed and holistic study of the design challenges, manufacturing demands, operational requirements and market opportunity of potential zero-carbon emission aircraft concepts.

This film was commissioned to illustrate to a general audience the range of possible solutions being considered as part of the FlyZero project. The remit of the FlyZero project is to consider whether a change in primary energy source changes the optimum aircraft architecture. The film, aimed at industry/government stakeholders, and the public, showcases some of the designs. As you’ll see, there are plenty of different looking designs being considered for the future of flight.

FlyZero commissioned Mighty Giant to create a video which brings the research project to life and reflects our positive aspirations for addressing the carbon challenge through innovation. The Mighty Giant team have been great to work with, really responsive and fully understood the brief and we’re really happy with the video they’ve created.

Nathan Harrison | ATI Communications Manager