A huge project working across 2 series of 13 episodes with science explainers across the range.

_Concept, Logo Design, 3D Animation & Post Production


We set out to capture “the force of nature” in an opening title sequence, branding in the form of logo and look.

We also to create a style of informational graphics that would run in every episode for this CBBC series, broadcast between 2013 and 2014.

We adopted a cinematic look as the subject was so huge. We also wanted to ensure we didn’t talk down to the audience just because it was a children’s show. For the opening titles a combination of methods were used. Some of it involved taking footage shot on location and combining it with our own backings and effects via rotoscoping, some sections we shot ourselves on green screen. We combined these shots with effects that made them look like they were a part of the wild outdoors. You can see most of the Mighty Giant crew involved in this project somewhere in the titles!

Big thanks to you and your team for all your work on Fierce Earth. I have had lots of great feedback on the slick titles, maps and graphics from colleagues and friends in the industry.

Gurdip Bhangoo | Exec Producer BBC

The Graphics for both series varied greatly, as you will see from the montage below. For Series 1 we built a low vector world within which we demonstrated the various weather phenomena. Series 2 involved a great deal more VFX, bringing effects into real footage. A lot of time spent tracking and rotoscoping again. We stretched our thinking and skills in very different ways due to the variety of challenges over the two series.