How to capture everything about a marketing company in a short 1 min 30 film. Our friends at Boxed Red wanted us to have a go.

_Concept, Animation & Post Production.


Boxed Red briefed us to explain their marketing company in a short film. With their existing brand line “Added Value” we quickly spotted the hook we wanted to work around.

We knew Boxed Red offered a wide variety of services but didn’t want to bombard the viewer with everything. What was key here was to capture the essence and atmosphere of the company in a film that would also be engaging and evocative.

Mighty Giant drove this project from day one and kept us involved at every stage, including storyboarding, narrative, creative concept and audio. We can’t tell you how delighted we are, and how much the motion piece has already done for us. It has become the centre piece of any pitch work we do and we outwardly communicate it to our clients and wider audience. The response and engagement level from them has been great.

Craig Fell | Director

Too often people try to say everything within a short film, the audience gets bombarded and switches off. We needed to find the focus; the key message that would encourage the viewer to want to find out more about Boxed Red. Rather than explain everything they do we wanted to capture the essence of what they offer; the Added Value i.e the customer service.

We set up situations where you feel that little bit extra has been done, where you’ve received a gesture of kindness, a feeling that you’ve been considered. Once we got these down to around a dozen strong ideas we sent them to Boxed Red so they could select the scenes they felt were a good fit. We then created this short film about those situations.