Launch of a new App for CBeebies

_3D Animation


We were asked by BBC Creative to help them with this campaign for a refresh of their CBeebies Apps’ trailers. Their creative vision was a set of light beams, each carrying the App, which then transformed into screens that allowed them to display captures from the Apps. A big part of the job was building all the graphics in a kit of parts that they could re-use for each App trail.


Thank you again the hardworking team members, weaving magic behind the scenes (like the mice in The Tailor of Gloucester) to create a really beautiful looking App trailer from my initial dreams. Everyone here is really pleased with it…I actually think the feedback may have used the words  ‘thrilled’ and ‘love’ so I wanted to pass that on. I also love it very much!

Rachel Stacey | Producer BBC Creative

Getting the light beams to feel like light, but also to stay true to the colours and textures of each brand was the first part of the design that we had to tackle. We also wanted the yellow bugs to feature heavily. Dan worked on animating these in a traditional pencil format, before Matthew and James turned them into the 3D characters you can see on screen.

The final part was the sound design. Nick from Ideosound designed us a series of whooshes, plops, bounces and pings, delivered as a sound kit for the BBC to use across the future series.