London’s Picturascope scripted and conceived this piece for the CatapultTransport launch event at the Transport Museum. We were brought in to translate those words into this short film.

_Concept & 3D Animation


The film needed to explain many concepts that were abstract and difficult to visualise. With nothing yet built or designed we had nothing visual to work with.

As part of the brief we were also informed that the client was keen on ‘marker pen’ animations.

Rob at Picturascope was the man with the script. We proposed to him that we could take the marker pen idea but push it on, move it in another direction and came up with an idea where the film begins as if being drawn, but then moves off into a world of sketches and blueprints. All very fitting for something this conceptual.

We worked with a number of different disciplines to bring this together. Some were hand drawn, some composited in After Effects, and we also used 3D software and sketched textures to keep the scribbly feel.

The transport was often designed by ourselves and combined with 3D animated figures to bring the world to life. To keep the flow of the piece and keep the interest we split the narrative into chapters and ensured that the content changed throughout.