Bringing a re-brand of a global Medical publisher to life with 3D animation.

_3D Animation & Film


Our friends at True North brought us in to help them add some motion to the re-brand they were creating for the international medical publisher BioMed Central.

The identity they had created was a turning page, built around a square. We proposed a film where we placed this into a wide range of scenarios that the publisher would be involved in. With such a broad range of titles under their umbrella this was wide.

After a lengthy process of selecting the right shots we took stock footage and specially shot scenes and used 3D tracking to add the logo to these environment. This involved building the page turn in 3D and lighting all shots as per the ambience of the background.

When BMC tasked us with creating their brand film in line with the new brand identity that we had developed for them, we knew Mighty Giant would be the right team to support us with production. From initial brief, through to completion of the project, they were on-hand, enthusiastic and committed, acting as an extension to our team and ensuring we delivered a completed piece of work that was compelling, professional and visually impactful. BMC were very happy with the completed film, and we could not have been more pleased with the results.

Calandra Tenant | True North