Illustrating and animating these audio clips was a joy.

_Illustration, Animation

A BBC Sounds campaign to encourage listeners of Radio 1, 2 and 6 Music to give Radio 4 a try. That was the brief from BBC Creative, who had this weird and wonderful vision to animate these pieces, to the audio taken from BBC Podcasts.

Once we’d seen the direction in the brief, we immediately commissioned the brilliant illustrator Alexandra Francis to help us add her touch and sense of colour to the project. The brief allowed us to take this down a more abstract route, and her style definitely pushed this project.

The first of the three, for Radio 2, centred on a discussion about Cats.

The Radio 1 animation was set around a conversation on Yoga. Again, rather than the obvious route of the conversation being amongst the practitioners, we decided the voices should come from the Yoga mats.

Finally for 6 music we illustrated a conversation amongst a wall of guitars. Each guitar had it’s own characteristic and way to react to the conversation.