Full kit of graphics for this children's show, including titles, logo design and 3D Den graphics.

_3D Animation & Brand Design


For those of you not up with young ones on a Saturday morning Dengineers is a show where children get to design the den of their dreams…then the CBBC team come along and build it for you! The show has been a hit and having worked on the titles, logo and programme graphics for the first series we now spend our summers building 3D Dens.

From the very first meeting Jonny and the Mighty Giant team clearly understood our brand new series and what we wanted to get across to our audience. We wanted the titles to tell a story and we wanted the design graphic to show the basic idea. This was a tough one as we had a strike a balance between showing the design but not revealing too much and spoiling the surprise at the end. Mighty Giant handled all this expertly and with their creative flair we ended up with very distinct looking graphics that have helped define our programme.

Jennifer Morrison | Series Producer

We’d designed a sketched 3D style for the first series and the brief was to keep this style, however we wanted to push it on and James stripped the projects down and developed a more advanced system for rendering the sketched lines. As the CBBC team noted they definitely had taken a step forward from series 1. This also means we’ve got a much better way to handle the graphics as we go into series 3 in 2017.

As part of the job we also designed the logo and the opening titles/graphics kit for the show. You can see the original titles here: