Designing an Alien and her spaceship for the CBBC's Newsround.

_3D Animation & Post Production


Newsround wanted to tell the story of a young girl and her struggles to fit in with friends. And as part of this story they wanted her to become an alien.

On a tight budget we worked with them to devise a way we could transform the girl from real life to alien life. We also designed and built the spacecraft, and the interiors. As well as the earth scenes we also had to build full sections where she was back in her spacecraft.

Budget and turnaround times were in danger of bringing our starry-eyed ideas down to earth. Jonny and the Mighty Giant team made our alien out of this world!

Mark Reynaud | Programme Director

The next step was combining this with the shots delivered by the BBC. We worked closely with Mark the director on developing what shots we could work with and where we could best use our resources. We tracked the shots and built wireframe animatics of the action to test everything, before moving into a fuller render and then grading the shots to tie it all in.